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The Central Texas Amateur Radio Net

The Central Texas Amateur Radio Net (The Net) is a means of providing the orderly exchange of information via the repeater during training or emergency events. It is important that all participants are familiar with how to check in to "The Net", and the proper etiquette to use during an operating Net.  Here, you will find information on "The Net" operating procedures and the weekly schedule for the current month and who the Net Control Operators are for each week. Included are scripts for Net Control Operators and guidelines for participating in a Weather Net (to be posted in future). During severe weather, a Weather Net will be initiated to coordinate communications with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth and handle radio traffic with and between spotters and the National Weather Service. 

The Central Texas Amateur Radio Net training is held every Thursday night at 8 p.m. on the W5AMK (146.960 MHz (-) PL 123.0 Hz) repeater located in Gatesville.  Please join us, everyone is welcome to participate.  (Note: the move to the W5AMK repeater has been made because the N5ZXJ, 145.310 repeater in Eddy will be off the air for an unspecified period of time)

Central Texas Amateur Radio Net Training Script

Net Control Schedule

September 5:
Net Control: KE5ISN
Backup: KF5OHR
September 12:
Net Control: KI5FQL
Backup: KG5RWM
September 19:
Net Control: AD5SK

Backup: KF5OHR
September 26:
Net Control: AG5UQ/KI5FKT

Backup: K6WXA


Interested in being a Net Control Operator for the weekly radio net training?
Any licensed operator may be a Net Control Operator for the radio training net.
Just download, read and practice the script above.
Participate/listen to the Net.
Contact any of the Net Control Operators for more information.