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The Central Texas Amateur Radio Club Net


The NEW weekly net runs every Wednesday at 8:00pm CT.

The CTARC weekly radio net is being resurrected on the 146.820 repeater, courtesy of the Temple Amateur Radio Club. When the .14 repeater is remedied, we will resume nets on that repeater.

We will continue every Wednesday at this time unless notified otherwise. The net will be in a slightly different format from the past. Check-in and let us know what's goin' on!
-John [AI5AM]

The net script is a work in progress. Each net control has the option to use whatever format they choose. A generic sample script is being posted here but may not reflect the actual version used.


Sample CTARC Net Control Script
(updated 01/11/2023)

Sample Net Control Log


Many thanks to the Temple Amateur Radio Club for the use of their repeater!

If you are a CTARC member and interested in being net control, please speak up!