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FAQ: Do I need to be an Amateur Radio Operator to be in the club?

Answer: No. However, there are no voting privileges with a Non-Amateur membership. This type of membership would be considered an associate member.


FAQ: Do I have to be involved in Emergency Communications to be in the club?

Answer: No. Our main focus is Emergency Communications however we provide other services as well as general Amateur radio fellowship, contests & radio related functions.


FAQ: Does CTARC provide classes if I wish to become an Amateur Radio Operator?

Answer: No, at this time the Club is not offering classes.


FAQ: Does CTARC provide license exam testing?

Answer: Yes, the club does provides testing. VE's (Volunteer Examiners) provide testing at the HamExpo in March & October.  Testing can also be arranged on an as needed basis by making arrangements through the Club (Licensing/Testing Info). There is a testing fee of $15.00 per test per person that is required for processing of the paperwork. If a person takes the Technician exam and General exam at the same test session, the total fee will be $30.00.


FAQ: Are there any membership dues in order to join the club?

Answer: Yes, there is a $20.00 yearly membership fee with reduced exceptions listed in the CTARC By-Laws.