The Central Texas Amateur Radio Club Net
Bell County ARES Net


The weekly CTARC Radio Net runs every
Wednesday at 8:00pm CT
on the W5LM VHF repeater:
[ 146.820 MHz / -600 KHz Offset / PL 123.0 Hz ]

Backup-Secondary is W5BEC:
[ 147.140 MHz / +600 KHz Offset / PL 123.0 Hz ]


This is a combination club "rag-chew" and ARES check-in type net. Everyone is encouraged to check-in and participate! No membership or affiliation is required.

Severe weather events (NWS Weather Nets) in the Temple, Belton, Killeen area will almost always force us to either cancel the net or move it to the W5BEC repeater. The W5BEC repeater does not have as large a footprint and reception may be limited.

10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the net, an announcement will be made as to any changes or cancellations.

Thanks for participating!

 CTARC Net Control Schedule
(updated 5/31/2024)

CTARC Net Control Script
(updated 1/19/2024)

Sample Net Control Log Sheet (pdf)
Sample Net Control Log Sheet (xls)


Many thanks to the Temple Amateur Radio Club for the use of the W5LM repeater!