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Summer Field Day 2024

This year Summer Field Day was held at the Bell County Communications Center.  We would like to thank them for allowing us to setup on the property and operate in climate controlled conditions, both in the trailer and inside the building! Also, a big thank you to Myron (AA5MY) for bringing the BBQ!

Thanks to everyone for helping and participating.  A good time was had by all!

2024 SummerFieldDay1w

2024 SummerFieldDay2w

2024 SummerFieldDay3w


October 2023
The Yagi Antenna project is on hold indefinitely. Plans for the tape measure yagi antenna may be found here if you are still interested in building one.

August/September 2023
The Winlink discussion and demonstration.

Here are the software links to what was presented:
Winlink Express -
fldigi, flrig, flmsg -

Photos of Summer Field Day 2023
Field Day was a big success. Thanks to everyone for participating and enduring the heat!

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